Red food Green food……..

IMG_1503The color of my food is such a important aspect when I am cooking. I love when i walk into my local food market and  I am welcomed & overwhelmed by all the brilliant colors of the fruit & vege. When my food is served up on a plate & I think oh how gorgeous all these colors look together!!  I am most pleased. Nearly more important for me than the taste!! I said nearly……

Not that one should always go on about the season & the weather …but we do eat seasonally so….in summer I am always attracted to Red foods & Green foods, especially fresh yummy smelling herbs like mint & Basil. I made 2 salads this week that looked (and tasted!) so great together that I wanted to share with you.


ingredients: serves 4

2 zucchini

2 capsicum

1 garlic clove

olive oil for brushing the veges

1 tsp fresh chopped rosemary

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp lemon juice

salt & pepper.

Preheat your oven at 190° . Cut the Zucchini into rounds on a diagonal & the Capsicum in quarters. Place on a oven tray  covered with a sheet of baking paper. Brush with olive oil , sprinkle with a little salt & add the crushed whole garlic clove on the tray. Bake for 25-30 mins. Turn the zucchini over at the halfway point.

Meanwhile whisk together the rest of the ingredients for the dressing. When the vegetables are done use the method in my last post to remove the capsicum skins.

Arrange on your serving plate and top with the dressing.

Done! This salad is great if you make a little bit more to keep for the next days, as i love having it as a little tapas with crackers & a glass of red in the evening. Yum!!



I love this salad & make it a lot. I find it really goes with lots of different dishes.   There are various types of grain sizes with Bulgar & I like to use the bigger kind. It has such a great texture.

Ingredients: serves 4

150g Bulgar

250ml water

1 tsp vegetable stock powder

1 avocado cut into small pieces

1 bunch fresh mint

generous amount of sun-dried tomatoes cut into small pieces


4 dsp (dessertspoon) fresh lime juice

2 dsp olive oil

1.5 dsp agave syrup

1 tsp chiliflakes

drop of creme Balsamic

salt & Black pepper

Bring the water & vegetable stock to a boil in a small pot. Lower the heat to minimum & stir in the bulgar. Add a lid & cook for 10mins.

In 10 minutes the water should be absorbed, turn off the heat & allow it to sit for 5 more minutes, then transfer the bulgar to a large bowl to cool.

Whisk all the ingredients together for the dressing. Once the bulgar is at room temperature add the avocado & tomatoes, stir in the dressing and then add whole mint leaves.


Thats it for now, I hope you also find some inspiration in the colors of the season.



2 Responses to “Red food Green food……..”
  1. This sounds like a wonderful combination of flavors! Thank you Dar-Ling!

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