Picnic Thai style….


This weekend I went to one of my favorite places in Berlin with some friends for a picnic. There is a park in Berlin, Charlottenburg called Preußen Park, on a Sunday it becomes a sea of colorful umbrellas under which there are a  wonderful food stalls selling the most delicious & authentic Thai food. I love it, even looking at this photo makes me hungry.

My friends & I usually go off in pairs & then arrive back at our blanket with lots of different & yummy things for all to share, as you can see from the photo above we doubled up on the rice paper & spring rolls!

My favorite dish there is a dessert that really reminds me of my visits to Thailand. Sticky Rice with Mango & Coconut milk. I would also recommend the Pad Thai cooked there right in front of you.

I think alot about the eating experience & what I like most about it.  I would have to say Atmosphere plays a huge part in keeping me happy when I eat. So as I wander around these food stalls watching the lady grate the fresh Green Papaya & crushing the ingredients in a mortar & Pestle for a Papaya Salad I am very Happy!

So if you are in Berlin one sunny Sunday …check it out!

Thats all for now,




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