Spinach, FIG & Parmesan Salad with Lemon, Pepper Balsamic Dressing.

Eat_LingFIGS are here!!! I was so happy to see in my  Organic store last week beautiful fresh figs!  I was inspired to make this salad for my lunch friends & since starting my blog, for my friends here too!

Figs always remind me of more southern European climates where they taste much sweeter. Last year I was in Mallorca with my friend  Stefanie  & we were walking around a market when she bought some fresh figs for us…I can still remember the taste & how wonderful that was to be there in that moment.  Figs like mangos are fruits that remind me of certain places in the world, of holidays & memories.

My friend Paula was lunching with us this day and as she is a Photographer took the featured photo this week. Thanks Paula!   http://paulafaraco.tumblr.com

So to the recipe….

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 cups of fresh washed baby spinach leaves

4 figs chopped into rounds & then cut into quarters


3tbsp sunflower seeds/2tbsp sesam seeds

1 tsp tamari


3 tbsp creme Balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp Olive oil

zest of 1 lemon & the juice

1tsp honey

Freshly ground black pepper


Firstly dry roast the seeds in a heavy pan until fragrant & roasted (usually about 5-6 mins) then add the teaspoon of tamari & cook until evaporated stirring to coat the seeds in the sauce. Remove from pan into a small bowl & allow to cool. Now you have a wonderful seed mix  that is wonderful to sprinkle on salads, rice dishes or as I do, eat in the handfuls by themselves.

To make the dressing firstly whisk together the vinegar & honey, then the olive oil & lemon juice. Add more or less to get a creamy dressing. Then stir in the zest & pepper. Experiment with the amount of pepper you add. You want to achieve a good balance between the lemon and pepper.

Arrange the spinach & figs in individual serving bowls or one large one &  toss with the dressing. Grate the parmesan over the salad & then sprinkle with the seeds.

I am going to fully indulge in all the ways to eat & cook figs now the season is here but I also must admit I love them simply as decoration in my fruit bowl or on my table to look at!

bye for now,






One Response to “Spinach, FIG & Parmesan Salad with Lemon, Pepper Balsamic Dressing.”
  1. Oh yes, I totally remember the taste of that figs; the joy of the good company; the pleasure to be on that lively market; the delight to be on that island with the sun and the wind and the rain and the sea … Good time, good food, good friends = happiness

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