Alsace´s summer…friends, food, flowers ….& food !

IMG_1863I have just spent the last 11 days on a summer vacation in the Alsace’s. My friends have a house in a small village that is surrounded by vineyards, cornfields & wild flowers…amazingly beautiful.  I loved on my walks seeing the neighbors tending their vegetable gardens & luckily for us there was always fresh eggs & salad on hand right next door…a dream to grow your own fresh organic herbs & vegetables.


Breakfast is ALWAYS a delight at Stefanie & Thomas´house and this time we had Stefanie´s homemade Granola with fruit salad..totally delicious!  So tonight, so I can bring home a little of that holiday spirit I am baking my own Granola. I always get lots of inspiration when I am eating & cooking with she, as I, love food!!! So I wanted to share with you her recipe for this delicious breakfast…  you can find the granola recipe  on her blog


You can really  taste the quality of the produce in this region and the age old traditions of cheese & wine making.  In the nearby village of Wissenbourg is the famous Patisserie & Chocolatier `Daniel Rebert`. I love going there &  indulging! They have coffee Eclairs that I LOVE…not my normal daily culinary fare but when one is in France ..why not!!!! And food is about enjoying & sometimes indulging and most of all feeling good!



As you can see I was totally enjoying my food!!!  Ahh yes holidays!

Back to my Granola baking….

Love Ling.


2 Responses to “Alsace´s summer…friends, food, flowers ….& food !”
  1. Thank you for sharing our holiday granola! We’ve had the best of times together. I miss you, Sweet-Ling.

  2. Isa says:

    Looks fantastic!

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