OKINOMIYAKI!!! dearly remembered japanese pancakes….

IMG_3765One of my lovely lunchers at my daily cooking show gig requested Okinomiyaki recently as there is a new okinomiyaki restaurant opened in Berlin that she likes.

I haven´t been there but will have to check it out. How lucky we are that people from all over the world move around and share their homeland culinary specialties!!!

I was delighted as Okinomiyaki for me is a treasured memory of my time living in Japan. There was a restaurant in our neighborhood that we ate at at least once a week. It was the ultimate cooking and eating with friends experience,as you sit at a grill plate that is your table and order what flavor you would like from the menu. Then came a bowl with the flour & chosen vegetable mix and another bowl with the eggs. You mix it all together and set it upon the grill plate. Drinking , cooking & chatting as your pancakes sizzled …wonderful!

As the weather closes in here Okinomiyaki is the perfect experience if you can find one of those  the traditional restaurants with the grill plate that keeps you warm. My memory in Japan was entering the restaurant from the cold winter air and in perfect Japanese welcomeness receiving a hot towel for your hands. There was always lots of warm sake whilst cooking and eating that didn`t hit you until you re-entered the cold night air…

I didn`t offer hot towels at the lunch show…something to consider!

OKINOMIYAKI…..with carrot, cabbage & leek served with wasabi mayonnaise.

Makes one big pancake: enough for 4 as a starter or 2 as a meal.

I really like this combination of carrot, leek & cabbage but you can experiment totally with your own combinations.


1 large leek cut finely in small pieces

2 carrots grated finely

2 cups of finely grated cabbage

2/3 of a cup wholemeal flour ( white flour can also be used but a like the flavor wholemeal gives to it.)

2 eggs beaten


4 abundant tablespoons of mayonnaise

wasabi paste

Traditionally these pancakes are served with Mayonnaise. I like to add wasabi to spice it up.So simply add as much wasabi to the mayonnaise as you desire & whisk it together.

Combine the vegetables, salt & flour in a bowl. Mix well so everything is evenly coated with the flour. Add the egg mixture and stir to combine well.

Heat about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in your pan ( preferably non-stick) and add the mixture. Press it down with a spatula so everything  is even. Cook for about 5 mins on a medium heat until the bottom is browned. Now my favorite part!…Take a large plate and flip the pancake on to it & place back into the pan to cook the other side…also about 5 mins.

I served this with a wakame & carrot salad..more about that soon as I am crazy for seaweed right now & its wonderful healthful benefits for the skin!


bye for now…xo ling.

One Response to “OKINOMIYAKI!!! dearly remembered japanese pancakes….”
  1. Jean marc Lebon says:

    Hi Ling this Okinomiyaki pancake sounds great i must try it.

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