NEW YEAR DeTOX Tea…..spicy ginger & turmeric

turmeric ginger teaDear Readers…Happy Healthy New Year!!!! I wish you the best & brightest 2015!

And of course, speaking of healthy new year and all good intentions, I wanted to start my first post of the year with a great tea tip that has been giving me a kickstart to my day.

I always have a pot of fresh ginger tea on my stove and lately I have also been adding slices of fresh turmeric in it. The turmeric is such a great combination with the spicy ginger, the turmeric gives it a warming layer.

There has been a lot of published about the healing properties of turmeric and a friend sent me this article about the different ways to use turmeric that i liked…

To make the tea cut a big piece of ginger (a whole root) in to about 15 chunky slices. Cut 1 small root of turmeric ( a finger sized piece) into chunky slices and place in a pot. Fill the pot up with cold water and bring to the boil, cover with lid and simmer for 15 mins. Then it is ready! I keep the ginger & turmeric in the pot and just keep adding water and bringing to heat each time i want tea. They will hold there strength for about a week before you need to make a fresh brew.

Thats it for now…

Love Lingxo

radish heart


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