Wellness in a bowl…Wellcuisine´s roasted nectarine & radicchio salad

Wellcuisine´s Roasted Nectarine salad I tried out this wonderful roasted nectarine & radicchio salad this week from my friend Stefanie & Thomas´ new blog WELLCUISINE . http://www.wellcuisine.net

We are into the new season of Autumn  & I just managed to find some late nectarines but I can imagine to continue creating this salad with some Autumn fruits as I love the combination of sweet & bitter. What I love about Stefanie´s recipes are that they are easy to make and the end result has such a fine flavoring & taste, always looks beautiful and is super deliciously healthy! Which is what their blog is about…good food & good living.

Next week they have 2 cookbooks coming out filled with Stefanie`delicious recipes and health tips accompanied by Thomas` beautiful photography.

I am especially excited about Süss & Gesund (sweet & healthy), a baking book with recipes containing no sugar, diary or wheat flour for all of us who love dessert but are also interested in finding alternatives to white flours & sugars. I have had the privelige of tasting some of Stefanie´s cakes while visiting and can tell you they are soooooo good!

Thanks Stefanie & Thomas for sharing! I can`t wait to see the new cookbooks.







One Response to “Wellness in a bowl…Wellcuisine´s roasted nectarine & radicchio salad”
  1. Oh sweetie, I love you!! And you too are such an inspiration for me as a cook and a friend. I’m very grateful for your friendship!

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