Smooth winter greens….

green smoothie bounty

Two weeks ago I took part in a winter Green Smoothie challenge from the lovely girls Svenja and Carla from here in Berlin. For 7 days I received an email each day with a new recipe. It was quite exciting to make a new smoothie each day and decide on the favorite!

This has inspired me to use lots  of  different ingredients I had not used before &  look at the winter fruit selection with different eyes.  I have to admit spinach, apple , banana  or  pear smoothies were getting a little tired. It is so great to see all these fresh ingredients in the mixer & know you are about to get a fantastic vitamin kick for the day.

The favorite of the week was Tropikale that I wanted to share with you. I love the scent the lemon gives off.

So big thank-you Svenja & Carla for the wonderful recipes & inspiration!!..& the healthiness!!

winter greens


makes 500ml

2 large leaves of kale with the stems removed

1 small handful of spinach

1 small handful grapes

the flesh of 1/2 passionfruit

1/2 banana

1/2 mango

a small piece of  organic lemon with the skin

150ml filtered water


Wash the spinach & kale and coarsely chop. Wash the grapes, peel & chop the mango and banana. Firstly add the fruit to the mixer then the greens and lastly water. Mix on med-high speed for about a minute until the smoothie has a creamy consistency.



Love Lingxo








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