Ginger pumpkin SEAweed Tagliatelle…noodles from the ocean!

  I have made a fantastic new food discovery recently that I definitely want to share!  My friends at sent me a bag of seaweed tagliatelle to try out and as I love seaweed, this new idea excites me a lot. Especially inspiring to come up with some asian inspired fusion dishes. I created a ginger … Continue reading

Qua Phe….A delicious Vietnamese cafe in Mitte

I was truly delighted on my first visit to Qua Phe, a beautiful Vietnamese cafe tucked away on a quiet corner in Mitte that opened in October last year. Being a lover of Vietnamese cuisine and especially those delicious steamed buns called Banh Bao which are served here stuffed with delicious fillings, (my favorite being … Continue reading

GREEN FOOD! EATLING´S recommended power boosting salads !

  Time for greens! I have been eating a lot of kale & wakame seaweed in the past weeks because they are delicious but also because my body is asking for some extra power boosting before the looooong Berlin winter truly kicks in! I am a believer in listening to what your body is asking … Continue reading

OKINOMIYAKI!!! dearly remembered japanese pancakes….

One of my lovely lunchers at my daily cooking show gig requested Okinomiyaki recently as there is a new okinomiyaki restaurant opened in Berlin that she likes. I haven´t been there but will have to check it out. How lucky we are that people from all over the world move around and share their homeland … Continue reading

Zucchini ribbon summer PICNIC salad……….

I wanted to get this post out this morning as there is a promise of a long hot weekend here in Berlin ….which means picnics, BBQs and outdoor eating! I made this wonderful fresh salad yesterday which is the perfect salad to bring along for a picnic. Fresh with a slight bite of ginger and … Continue reading

The season for SOUP…Sweet potato,coconut & lime SOUP

The leaves are turning yellow & the rain is falling on us in Berlin & so comes my favorite season, Autumn.  Which means lots of new seasonal vegetables & warming spices to play with. And the color orange.  I always remember coming home as a child  on such a night & having hot soup so … Continue reading

Edamame Mint Salad with Miso Dressing.

This would have to be my new favorite salad of the moment!! Fresh, green, light & healthful, all the qualities I love in my food. Edamame beans are immature soy beans that grow in a pod.  In Japan the pods are shortly cooked in boiling water & then served smothered in sea salt with a … Continue reading

Asian dumpLINGs

I had so much fun creating this weeks post! It all started the week before when I had dinner with a girlfriend at one of my favorite restaurants here in Berlin. It is a Dim Sum restaurant called the Long March Canteen. I love the art of Dim Sum. Bite sized portions served at your … Continue reading

Picnic Thai style….

This weekend I went to one of my favorite places in Berlin with some friends for a picnic. There is a park in Berlin, Charlottenburg called Preußen Park, on a Sunday it becomes a sea of colorful umbrellas under which there are a  wonderful food stalls selling the most delicious & authentic Thai food. I … Continue reading

Roasted Capsicum & Shitake Rice Paper Rolls with Creamy Peanut Sauce.

  Summer has graced us in Berlin & we are all smiling!!! Last week  the temperature reached 32° and it was HOT!!!! So I decided it was a good idea to  prepare a lunch that required as little cooking over a hot stove as possible! So you have it,` Summer rolls` as the classic Vietnamese … Continue reading