Smooth winter greens….

Two weeks ago I took part in a winter Green Smoothie challenge from the lovely girls Svenja and Carla from here in Berlin. For 7 days I received an email each day with a new recipe. It was quite exciting to make a new smoothie each day and decide on the favorite! This has inspired me to … Continue reading

NEW YEAR DeTOX Tea…..spicy ginger & turmeric

Dear Readers…Happy Healthy New Year!!!! I wish you the best & brightest 2015! And of course, speaking of healthy new year and all good intentions, I wanted to start my first post of the year with a great tea tip that has been giving me a kickstart to my day. I always have a pot of … Continue reading

Alsace´s summer…friends, food, flowers ….& food !

I have just spent the last 11 days on a summer vacation in the Alsace’s. My friends have a house in a small village that is surrounded by vineyards, cornfields & wild flowers…amazingly beautiful.  I loved on my walks seeing the neighbors tending their vegetable gardens & luckily for us there was always fresh eggs … Continue reading