Winter sunshine hummus…black pepper turmeric & lime

I am being inspired to eat really bright food right now that contrasts the winter sky..seems to be keeping me happy! As we know turmeric is the power spice that is a great antioxidant & keeps us in strong health in the cold months. It creates such an intense yellow to my food that I … Continue reading

Eatling does summer veggie burgers!

Delightfully the summer fruit season is here! and besides eating all I can raw or in smoothies, I have been experimenting with using them in a savory sense. In salads or main dishes…can`t get enough! We have just had the rhubarb season here in Germany and last week I made a rhubarb & mint risotto … Continue reading

STACK # 2…Roasted Pumpkin, Halloumi & Aubergine

I love that I have this blog as a personal recipe journal to look back on and see what food was inspiring me last year when I need some ideas for dinner….tonight I am revisiting my warm pumpkin & chickpea salad and it definitely still holds up in the delicious category…and shall be revisited some … Continue reading

LiebLINGs Essen #2: the Lebanese Mezze

When I put lieblings essen on the menu everyone is very excited at my lunch show… the cooking show as i call it. Liebling´s essen in german means favorite meal/food…You can also call someone Liebling  meaning  lovely, darling,sweetie… so this weeks darling food! Funnily Lieblings essen #1 is my creation of falafels, tabboule, hummus, muhammara … Continue reading

Winter Sunshine Salad.

Ok ,it is the most common talked about theme..( one I try not to talk too much about!)…..the weather! And it is taking me more than 10mins to come up with another approach to this weeks post!  Alas, I can`t escape it (especially regarding food) as this salad is a reflection & an inspiration to … Continue reading

Warm PUMPKIN salad with chickpeas, orange & tahini dressing.

Pretty pumpkins! such a strange word..pumpkin. My kitchen is reflecting the season with lots of orange & golden veges. And especially pumpkin one of my loved foods. As a child in NZ ,roasted pumpkin with the Sunday roast was always a must along with the roasted tatties (potatoes) & the meat, oh & the peas. … Continue reading

ling style spinach feta rolls served with sweet tomato chutney.

This week has been about eating outside as much as possible in the late Berlin summer…refusing to admit the temperatures are cooling as eating by the river is something I Looooove here!  And about inspiration from Mid Eastern  cuisine from my weekly visit to the Turkish Market on the Maybachufer in Kreuzberg. I love this … Continue reading