Winter sunshine hummus…black pepper turmeric & lime

I am being inspired to eat really bright food right now that contrasts the winter sky..seems to be keeping me happy! As we know turmeric is the power spice that is a great antioxidant & keeps us in strong health in the cold months. It creates such an intense yellow to my food that I … Continue reading

EATLing´s New Year abundance bowl of fennel seed & caper red- coleslaw

I wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year! May your year be overflowing with good friends, good food, great health and greater happiness! I am hanging on the beautiful island of Mallorca with my dear friends Stefanie & Thomas for this New Year holiday where there is an abundance of sunshine and … Continue reading

GREEN FOOD! EATLING´S recommended power boosting salads !

  Time for greens! I have been eating a lot of kale & wakame seaweed in the past weeks because they are delicious but also because my body is asking for some extra power boosting before the looooong Berlin winter truly kicks in! I am a believer in listening to what your body is asking … Continue reading

Grill ,Stack, EaT!… grilled halloumi & vegetable stacks.

Yesterday as I was shopping in the supermarket it made me smile to see all the displays of accessories for sale for the `Grill Season`. Berlin is such a green city with so many parks & when the sun shines (even a little) loads of people descend on the parks to grill. I love the … Continue reading

ling style spinach feta rolls served with sweet tomato chutney.

This week has been about eating outside as much as possible in the late Berlin summer…refusing to admit the temperatures are cooling as eating by the river is something I Looooove here!  And about inspiration from Mid Eastern  cuisine from my weekly visit to the Turkish Market on the Maybachufer in Kreuzberg. I love this … Continue reading

Asian dumpLINGs

I had so much fun creating this weeks post! It all started the week before when I had dinner with a girlfriend at one of my favorite restaurants here in Berlin. It is a Dim Sum restaurant called the Long March Canteen. I love the art of Dim Sum. Bite sized portions served at your … Continue reading

Roasted Capsicum & Shitake Rice Paper Rolls with Creamy Peanut Sauce.

  Summer has graced us in Berlin & we are all smiling!!! Last week  the temperature reached 32° and it was HOT!!!! So I decided it was a good idea to  prepare a lunch that required as little cooking over a hot stove as possible! So you have it,` Summer rolls` as the classic Vietnamese … Continue reading