Winter sunshine hummus…black pepper turmeric & lime

I am being inspired to eat really bright food right now that contrasts the winter sky..seems to be keeping me happy! As we know turmeric is the power spice that is a great antioxidant & keeps us in strong health in the cold months. It creates such an intense yellow to my food that I … Continue reading

EATLing´s New Year abundance bowl of fennel seed & caper red- coleslaw

I wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year! May your year be overflowing with good friends, good food, great health and greater happiness! I am hanging on the beautiful island of Mallorca with my dear friends Stefanie & Thomas for this New Year holiday where there is an abundance of sunshine and … Continue reading

Homegrown…Sprouted mungbean & mint salad.

As the lighter season is upon us, I have found the hidden gardener that has been buried within me for years and discovering the joy of growing my own food on my new balcony this season. It is so fantastic to watch everything grow & must admit I have become a little obsessed with my … Continue reading

NEW YEAR DeTOX Tea…..spicy ginger & turmeric

Dear Readers…Happy Healthy New Year!!!! I wish you the best & brightest 2015! And of course, speaking of healthy new year and all good intentions, I wanted to start my first post of the year with a great tea tip that has been giving me a kickstart to my day. I always have a pot of … Continue reading

The season for SOUP…Sweet potato,coconut & lime SOUP

The leaves are turning yellow & the rain is falling on us in Berlin & so comes my favorite season, Autumn.  Which means lots of new seasonal vegetables & warming spices to play with. And the color orange.  I always remember coming home as a child  on such a night & having hot soup so … Continue reading

Edamame Mint Salad with Miso Dressing.

This would have to be my new favorite salad of the moment!! Fresh, green, light & healthful, all the qualities I love in my food. Edamame beans are immature soy beans that grow in a pod.  In Japan the pods are shortly cooked in boiling water & then served smothered in sea salt with a … Continue reading

Fresh Turmeric, Potato & Lime Leaf Curry.

The inspiration for this post all started with a email from a friend asking if Turmeric is good for the liver??? And as I always do I consulted my food bible `Healing with whole foods ´by Paul Pitchford. He tells me the Indian Spice Turmeric has important healing properties. Curcumin, that is the spices primary … Continue reading

Red food Green food……..

The color of my food is such a important aspect when I am cooking. I love when i walk into my local food market and  I am welcomed & overwhelmed by all the brilliant colors of the fruit & vege. When my food is served up on a plate & I think oh how gorgeous … Continue reading