Eatling does summer veggie burgers!

Delightfully the summer fruit season is here! and besides eating all I can raw or in smoothies, I have been experimenting with using them in a savory sense. In salads or main dishes…can`t get enough! We have just had the rhubarb season here in Germany and last week I made a rhubarb & mint risotto … Continue reading

Homegrown…Sprouted mungbean & mint salad.

As the lighter season is upon us, I have found the hidden gardener that has been buried within me for years and discovering the joy of growing my own food on my new balcony this season. It is so fantastic to watch everything grow & must admit I have become a little obsessed with my … Continue reading

Zucchini ribbon summer PICNIC salad……….

I wanted to get this post out this morning as there is a promise of a long hot weekend here in Berlin ….which means picnics, BBQs and outdoor eating! I made this wonderful fresh salad yesterday which is the perfect salad to bring along for a picnic. Fresh with a slight bite of ginger and … Continue reading

Grill ,Stack, EaT!… grilled halloumi & vegetable stacks.

Yesterday as I was shopping in the supermarket it made me smile to see all the displays of accessories for sale for the `Grill Season`. Berlin is such a green city with so many parks & when the sun shines (even a little) loads of people descend on the parks to grill. I love the … Continue reading

Alsace´s summer…friends, food, flowers ….& food !

I have just spent the last 11 days on a summer vacation in the Alsace’s. My friends have a house in a small village that is surrounded by vineyards, cornfields & wild flowers…amazingly beautiful.  I loved on my walks seeing the neighbors tending their vegetable gardens & luckily for us there was always fresh eggs … Continue reading

Edamame Mint Salad with Miso Dressing.

This would have to be my new favorite salad of the moment!! Fresh, green, light & healthful, all the qualities I love in my food. Edamame beans are immature soy beans that grow in a pod.  In Japan the pods are shortly cooked in boiling water & then served smothered in sea salt with a … Continue reading

Spinach, FIG & Parmesan Salad with Lemon, Pepper Balsamic Dressing.

FIGS are here!!! I was so happy to see in my  Organic store last week beautiful fresh figs!  I was inspired to make this salad for my lunch friends & since starting my blog, for my friends here too! Figs always remind me of more southern European climates where they taste much sweeter. Last year … Continue reading

Picnic Thai style….

This weekend I went to one of my favorite places in Berlin with some friends for a picnic. There is a park in Berlin, Charlottenburg called Preußen Park, on a Sunday it becomes a sea of colorful umbrellas under which there are a  wonderful food stalls selling the most delicious & authentic Thai food. I … Continue reading

Red food Green food……..

The color of my food is such a important aspect when I am cooking. I love when i walk into my local food market and  I am welcomed & overwhelmed by all the brilliant colors of the fruit & vege. When my food is served up on a plate & I think oh how gorgeous … Continue reading

Roasted Capsicum & Shitake Rice Paper Rolls with Creamy Peanut Sauce.

  Summer has graced us in Berlin & we are all smiling!!! Last week  the temperature reached 32° and it was HOT!!!! So I decided it was a good idea to  prepare a lunch that required as little cooking over a hot stove as possible! So you have it,` Summer rolls` as the classic Vietnamese … Continue reading