Smooth winter greens….

Two weeks ago I took part in a winter Green Smoothie challenge from the lovely girls Svenja and Carla from here in Berlin. For 7 days I received an email each day with a new recipe. It was quite exciting to make a new smoothie each day and decide on the favorite! This has inspired me to … Continue reading

STACK # 2…Roasted Pumpkin, Halloumi & Aubergine

I love that I have this blog as a personal recipe journal to look back on and see what food was inspiring me last year when I need some ideas for dinner….tonight I am revisiting my warm pumpkin & chickpea salad and it definitely still holds up in the delicious category…and shall be revisited some … Continue reading

Healthy Happy New Year!!!! ….Rich red wine tofu & prune kebabs.

Yes! The first day of a new year …I looove this time. A time to be with loved ones & the excitement of new potentialities for a brand new year. I hope you all had a wonderful celebration with your favorite people, gorgeous food & lots of laughter! That is of course what I am … Continue reading