EATLing´s New Year abundance bowl of fennel seed & caper red- coleslaw

I wish you all a wonderful start to the New Year! May your year be overflowing with good friends, good food, great health and greater happiness! I am hanging on the beautiful island of Mallorca with my dear friends Stefanie & Thomas for this New Year holiday where there is an abundance of sunshine and … Continue reading

Ginger pumpkin SEAweed Tagliatelle…noodles from the ocean!

  I have made a fantastic new food discovery recently that I definitely want to share!  My friends at sent me a bag of seaweed tagliatelle to try out and as I love seaweed, this new idea excites me a lot. Especially inspiring to come up with some asian inspired fusion dishes. I created a ginger … Continue reading

Eatling does summer veggie burgers!

Delightfully the summer fruit season is here! and besides eating all I can raw or in smoothies, I have been experimenting with using them in a savory sense. In salads or main dishes…can`t get enough! We have just had the rhubarb season here in Germany and last week I made a rhubarb & mint risotto … Continue reading

Homegrown…Sprouted mungbean & mint salad.

As the lighter season is upon us, I have found the hidden gardener that has been buried within me for years and discovering the joy of growing my own food on my new balcony this season. It is so fantastic to watch everything grow & must admit I have become a little obsessed with my … Continue reading

STACK # 2…Roasted Pumpkin, Halloumi & Aubergine

I love that I have this blog as a personal recipe journal to look back on and see what food was inspiring me last year when I need some ideas for dinner….tonight I am revisiting my warm pumpkin & chickpea salad and it definitely still holds up in the delicious category…and shall be revisited some … Continue reading

Breaking Bread with Spring spargel! …. Walnut & Carrot bread.

Spargel Woche!  Asparagus week!  Spargel woche sounds better.  Every year at this time, we eat Spargel for the whole week at the lunch show…Spargel spaghetti, Spargel quiche, Spargel soup, Spargel with new potatoes & BUTTER, Spargel roasted…is it enough now? We are very lucky that Nadine`s Dad makes the trip to Beelitz (famous for it´s … Continue reading

Grill ,Stack, EaT!… grilled halloumi & vegetable stacks.

Yesterday as I was shopping in the supermarket it made me smile to see all the displays of accessories for sale for the `Grill Season`. Berlin is such a green city with so many parks & when the sun shines (even a little) loads of people descend on the parks to grill. I love the … Continue reading

EatLing goes NUTS!!!! Protein packed nut sprinkles.

I had heaps of fun yesterday inventing some new nuts sprinkles for my salads…since I am crazy about walnuts right now and add them to my breakfast, lunch & dinner I thought how I would love to have loads of jars of different mixtures prepared so I can have some variety. Actually i want a … Continue reading

LiebLINGs Essen #2: the Lebanese Mezze

When I put lieblings essen on the menu everyone is very excited at my lunch show… the cooking show as i call it. Liebling´s essen in german means favorite meal/food…You can also call someone Liebling  meaning  lovely, darling,sweetie… so this weeks darling food! Funnily Lieblings essen #1 is my creation of falafels, tabboule, hummus, muhammara … Continue reading

Winter Sunshine Salad.

Ok ,it is the most common talked about theme..( one I try not to talk too much about!)…..the weather! And it is taking me more than 10mins to come up with another approach to this weeks post!  Alas, I can`t escape it (especially regarding food) as this salad is a reflection & an inspiration to … Continue reading